Strengthening the business case for offshore wind

Creating added value for offshore windfarm operators with CO₂-free control power   



Managing the day-to-day commercial positions of a wind farm is a major challenge for the offshore wind industry. Circular Energy has designed a clean offshore power plant, complementing power from offshore wind during periods of low wind speeds to significantly improve the profitability of your wind farm.


Balancing the offshore grid

With fluctuating wind speeds, balancing the offshore grid is a challenge. As Circular Energy only generates and transports electricity during times of low wind speeds, we stabilise the offshore power grid. Our flexible gas-fired power plant acts as a super battery that can be discharged as required. Calculations have shown that we can produce 70% of the time at full power and 15% off the time at part-load. The remainder of the time we don’t produce anything as wind speeds are too high and the power cable is at full capacity.


Wind farms don’t produce reactive power when there is no wind. Nevertheless, wind farm operators are obliged by national grid operators to offer reactive power. The power plant of Circular Energy can provide this reactive power to transmission system operators on a 24/7 basis. We also offer control power (aFRR -automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve) to stabilize the grid. 


Efficient cable utilization

The transmission cables of windfarms to the coast are currently not fully utilized. The average load factor of a wind farm cable is 40% -45%. When teaming up with Circular Energy, the load factor of the power cable increases to 60% -70%.  


Ensuring continuous energy supply

Variations in wind speeds and the effect on the trading position are a major risk for wind farm operators. The Circular Energy plant with a capacity of typically a third of the capacity of a wind farm, ensures a constant supply of energy, allowing you to offer security of supply to your customers. In our pilot ‘Cranberry’ clean power plant we produce approximately 4 GWh on a windless day (1.1 TWh/year) and 0 GWh when wind speeds are high. 


Reducing imbalance costs

As Program Responsible Party, windfarm owners are committed to deliver what they have promised the day before. When the wind farm's Day Ahead nomination exceeds the actual power production, Circular Energy can the balance the ‘short’ position by producing additional power. As a result, there is no need to trade on the imbalance market. If trading on the imbalance market is attractive, the flexibility of our power plant can help you optimize your trading strategy. 


Reducing financial risk

Power Purchase Agreements are dependent on the ability to deliver security of supply. As the output of our power plant complements the output of a windfarm, the combined output will be less variable. This makes more attractive PPA’s possible.  In addition, smaller financial buffers are needed to accommodate unforeseen variations in wind speed.


An expert team

Mostly comprising engineers and managers with an oil & gas background, Circular Energy’s core team of six professionals has 85+ years to show in highly relevant disciplines. The Advisory Board, comprising respected and well-connected individuals from power generation, environmental and oil & gas backgrounds, ensures adherence to the strategy.


Are you interested?

For more information about our concept, please look at our technology page or contact Patricia Zegers-de Beyl, commercial manager of Circular Energy at or

+31 6 293 22140.