News · 10.10.2018
Combining CO₂ storage with gas production greatly reduces the likelihood of soil movements and subsidence. It is very likely that nothing can be noticed at the surface. This follows from scientific research that Circular Energy has carried out for its clean power plant. Lidewij Schutte, master student Geology at Utrecht University, writes her graduation assignment about this at Circular Energy.

News · 19.09.2018
The capture and storage of CO₂ is much less expensive when it is included in the design of a power plant from the outset. A benchmarking study by Circular Energy shows that the costs for CCS for an integral design amount to only €6 euro/ton.

News · 14.09.2018
Together with the British Imperial College, the British Geological Society, the Swiss Bonmont Energy and the Dutch New Energy Coalition, Circular Energy is planning to scout for future locations to realise clean-power-from-gas projects.

News · 05.09.2018
Over the past year, Circular Energy has examined the best method to bring power to the market. Together with PZEM (formerly Delta), the Energy Delta Institute and eRisk, a consultancy firm, an optimum trading strategy has been derived from a study of historical data.

News · 31.08.2018
Circular Energy is embarking on a funding round to raise € 5 MM from investors in order to finance the detailed design of their first offshore installation.

News · 17.08.2018
A neat idea has been proposed which could have the potential to both monetise stranded gas deposits and provide a source of power to fill the gaps when offshore wind farms are not producing at full capacity – if the economics can be made to work

News · 01.08.2018
In June this year, Circular Energy was present at the WindDays with a booth. For those who missed us: Wind Energy Magazine wrote an article about our installation and what it contributes to the offshore wind industry.

News · 06.07.2018
It is possible to capture CO₂ in a cost-effective way and store it below the seabed. This is what Circular Energy says in response to the report 'Cost-effective packages of measures for the climate targets of industry’ that Dutch environmental organizations have issued at the end of June.

News · 29.06.2018
A clean offshore power plant that works like a super-sized battery. Circular Energy presented its innovative solution during Electrify Europe at the end of June in Vienna. The connection of offshore gas production to clean electricity production already solves the anticipated problems with offshore energy storage.

News · 22.06.2018
With the accelerated reduction of the 'Groningen' gas field, the small offshore gas fields become even more important. In order to operate them effectively and efficiently, the costs must be reduced significantly. This is only possible through cooperation and clustering. Speed ​​is essential, says EBN in his annual Focus publication.This offers an attractive perspective for Circular Energy and the offshore wind

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