News · 06.02.2019
According to Neil McNaughton, editor and Publisher, Oil IT Journal, Circular Energy BV’s has a cunning scheme to a) produce stranded gas, b) sequester CO2 and c) balance intermittent electricity loads from offshore windfarms.

News · 01.02.2019
On 29 January a delegation from Circular Energy, comprising Arnold Groot and Purvi Jha, visited the Alkmaar waste incinerator operated by HVC. The key focus concerned the newly built carbon capture plant, which is expected to capture around 4 kt/year for sale to owners of greenhouses

News · 11.01.2019
For modeling the simultaneous gas production and CO₂ injection, we have purchased a new advanced software package recently. With tNavigator of Rock Flow Dynamics we can calculate different scenarios faster and in more detail.

News · 02.01.2019
The electricity industry does not reach her emission ceiling of 12.2 Mtonnes CO₂ if no additional CO₂-free automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFFR) is supplied. This is the conclusion from a study that DNV GL has carried out for RWE to discuss at the Climate Table Electricity. Circular Energy can supply part of this CO₂-free reserves with its clean offshore power plant.

News · 21.12.2018
Together with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen, Circular Energy will study the technical and social feasibility of an offshore gas-to-power production facility on the North Sea. The study will focus on the capture and permanent storage of CO₂.

News · 14.12.2018
In the latest Finding Petroleum Newsletter Karl Jeffery says: "we see that the oil and gas industry is completely changing - to become an industry which sees exploration and carbon capture side by side as its primary activities. Not necessarily both on the same reservoir (although it could be, see Circular Energy)...

News · 10.10.2018
Combining CO₂ storage with gas production greatly reduces the likelihood of soil movements and subsidence. It is very likely that nothing can be noticed at the surface. This follows from scientific research that Circular Energy has carried out for its clean power plant. Lidewij Schutte, master student Geology at Utrecht University, writes her graduation assignment about this at Circular Energy.

News · 19.09.2018
The capture and storage of CO₂ is much less expensive when it is included in the design of a power plant from the outset. A benchmarking study by Circular Energy shows that the costs for CCS for an integral design amount to only €6 euro/ton.

News · 14.09.2018
Together with the British Imperial College, the British Geological Society, the Swiss Bonmont Energy and the Dutch New Energy Coalition, Circular Energy is planning to scout for future locations to realise clean-power-from-gas projects.

News · 05.09.2018
Over the past year, Circular Energy has examined the best method to bring power to the market. Together with PZEM (formerly Delta), the Energy Delta Institute and eRisk, a consultancy firm, an optimum trading strategy has been derived from a study of historical data.

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