Manageable project

A significant investments is required for the realization of our pilot project. To spread the risk for investors, we have split the project in different phases. In addition, we are looking for different investors to find the ideal combination of financing forms


The first phase - from feasibility to the functional design - is financed from own resources and subsidies. For the next step, where the focus is on the detailed design, we are looking for private investors and investment funds. It is an investment of about 5 million euros.


For the realization of the installation, larger investments are needed. For this, a combination of strategic investors and a listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London is most obvious. In this phase, a participation by the European Investment Bank (EIB) is also possible.


Our first installation 'Cranberry' will be housed in a joint venture in which EBN (40%) also has a share. Circular Energy (60% share and operator) will apply for the permits, supervise the construction and carry out the management.


 Are you one of those investors? Please contact us.