Corporate social responsibility

As an investor you want to comply with the obligations that corporate social responsibility entails. The offshore installation of Circular Energy is both circular and limited in its impact on the environment. We try to use refurbished components as much as possible.


On the ladder of 7, which serves as a guide for the energy transition, Dutch natural gas is in fourth place (see image). It is the cleanest fossil fuel. By also capturing the released CO2, the plant is 99% clean. Our plant solves multiple social problems and is therefore future-proof

Recycling carbon

We sell electrons and keep the molecules within the primary process. After we have pumped up the natural gas (CH4) from the deeper soil layers, the central electricity produces nothing but electrons. We transport and sell the electrons. We recover the CO₂ released with amines from the flue gases and inject it back into the soil. The water vapor leaves the power station via the stack. The carbon atoms remain within the company!


No soil subsidence

Because we are injecting the CO back into the same reservoir, the pressure drop is much smaller than usual for gas extraction. This prevents soil subsidence and considerably reduces the risk of earthquakes.

Reuse platform

For gas production, we focus on the purchase of an existing production platform. We are also looking for reusable parts for other components.


Avoiding helicopters

Our platform will largely function unmanned, autonomous. The control room comes on land. We will not deploy helicopters for the transport of goods and employees. Instead, we will hire small ships that, like a wind farm, can easily transfer people and goods.