Reservoir estimates: 25 years of production

We have conducted an extensive study into the geology and recovery factor of various small fields on the North Sea. The field we selected for our first project, 'Cranberry', achieves a daily production of 800,000 m³ of gas for 25 years. This field can stabilize the power production as long as the lifespan of a wind farm.


Our estimates of the recoverable gas in the reservoir, are based on a realistic Recovery Factor (RF). The Recovery Factor is the extent to which the Gas Initially In Place (GIIP) can be produced. That RF is significantly lower than the RF for a classic gas development. 

No soil subsidence

We drill multiple wells, both for the production of natural gas and the injection of CO. This allows us to develop the field in such a way that we get the largest possible production and that we can store all CO. Keeping the pressure due to the CO injection also prevents soil subsidence and reduces the risk of earthquakes. The experience that we gain with this offshore field can also be used on land in the future.