CCS: efficient waste processing

 In order to achieve the climate targets, energy saving and sustainable energy generation are not sufficient at this moment. To  reduce CO₂ emissions, the government supports initiatives to capture and store CO₂. Circular Energy stores the released CO₂ itself. 


Integrated design

For Circular Energy it is relatively easy to apply CCS. Firstly, we design the CO₂ capture installation simultaneously with the power plant. So, we optimize the two factories. Secondly, we do not need a CO₂ pipeline. After all, we are above the field in which the CO₂ is stored. Compared to the ROAD project, our investments in CCS per tonne of CO₂ captured are more than ten times lower.

CCS is not expensive

The capture and storage of CO₂ is much less expensive when it is already included in the design of a power plant. A benchmarking study by Circular Energy shows that the costs for CCS for an integral design amount to only €6 euro/ton.