Small fields: independent of gas transport pipeline

In the coming years, natural gas will remain an important source for the Dutch energy supply as the cleanest fossil raw material. Circular Energy wants to extract natural gas from small fields in the North Sea. Investments in offshore installations can count on support from EBN.


With the accelerated reduction of 'the Groningen' gas fields, the small offshore gas fields become even more important. This emphasizes EBN, which as a private company invests on behalf of the Dutch government in the exploration for and production of natural gas. If these small fields are to be profitable, the development costs will have to be reduced. EBN expects the industry to cooperate and come up with out-of-the box solutions.



Our installation generates electricity and therefore requires no investment in expensive gas transport pipelines. This saves costs and creates the necessary flexibility in choosing the location. In this way, we can still develop commercially viable small unprofitable fields in the vicinity of wind farms.