Wind farms: super-sized battery for balancing the offshore grid

The target of the Dutch government is to expend the number of offshore wind farms explosively to 4.5 GW in 2023 and 11.5 GW in 2030. This creates trust to invest in this booming market. And especially in solutions to possible instability of the electricity market


The key question is how to manage uncertainties about fluctuations in the generation of offshore wind power. That is why the main goal of the Circular Energy installation is to create a stable and predictable power supply. We act as a super battery that maintains the balance in the offshore grid.


Reliable, sustainable, affordable 


For offshore wind cost reduction, system integration and integration in the environment are the most important issues. The offshore grid plays an important role to realize these goals. An balanced power supply, making optimal use of the existing infrastructure and generation capacity, increases the reliability, sustainability and affordability of the system. 


With our flexible power station, which can quickly switch on and off, we can keep the offshore power supply in balance with a minimal environmental impact. As our power plant does not cause CO₂ emissions, it is just as clean as the wind farm,