Vacancy - Finance Manager

Circular Energy is a start-up keen to produce clean power from North Sea gas. This is a capital-intensive industry with long lead times and stable returns... and we are shaking things up. Our innovation is not in the technology we apply but in the business model. We are convinced we can generate attractive returns from a venture that produces power at exactly the right time, i.e. when prices are high. In order to make things happen it is essential to reach out to providers of funds. In the short term this means Venture Capital and Strategic Investors. In the longer term this means the Alternative Investment Market. The Finance Manager plays the lead role in communicating with prospective investors.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Maintain the Finance Model
  • Maintain and update the Information Memorandum
  • Liaise with colleagues to produce market analysis and economics required for the IM
  • Reach out to prospective investors

The right candidate is available for about two days a week and is remunerated on the basis of an allowance + shares package.

Not all of our job openings are always published on this website. Would you like to be considered for a position that matches your profile and interests? Please submit your resume and motivation letter so we can reach out to you when a fitting opportunity arises.