More companies eligible for subsidy for CO₂ saving

More companies can use a subsidy for CO₂-saving techniques from next spring. By renewing the Sustainable Energy Transition (SDE ++) scheme, other technologies are also eligible for subsidies. This might involve new technologies such as the capture and storage of CO₂ (CCS).


As with the previous SDE +, subsidies will first be awarded to technologies that can reduce the cheapest CO₂ emissions. This is in line with government policy to achieve the climate goals as cost-efficiently as possible.


Possible techniques


The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) will review a number of techniques in order to estimate how much subsidy per technology is needed to save CO₂., including green hydrogen production and CCS. In the autumn of 2019, the government will announce which techniques are suitable for inclusion in the SDE ++.

Circular Energy's CCS solultion is relatively cheap
Circular Energy's CCS solultion is relatively cheap