Waste incinerator improves footprint with carbon capture

On 29 January a delegation from Circular Energy, comprising Arnold Groot and Purvi Jha, visited the Alkmaar waste incinerator operated by HVC.


They were kindly led around the site by Jan Peter Born, Manager Business Development. The key focus concerned the newly built carbon capture plant, which is expected to capture around 4 kt/year for sale to owners of greenhouses. HVC has been actively monitoring and reducing its carbon footprint for many years and is one of the partners behind the Gemini windfarm.


During the visit we learnt that district heating, which creates heat demand in winter, fits neatly with carbon capture, which creates heat demand in summer as demand from greenhouses is centered around this period. The technology applied by HVC is similar to that used in Circular Energy's pilot plant. It uses amines in a closed loop configuration to capture carbon dioxide from flue gases and release it in a pure form.

Source: HVC
Source: HVC