CCS is not expensive

The capture and storage of CO is much less expensive when it is included in the design of a power plant from the outset. A benchmarking study by Circular Energy shows that the costs for CCS for an integrated design amount to only 6/ton. That is only 5% of the calculated costs of the former ROAD-project and 10% of the costs that EBN refers to. The costs are even lower than the current market price for CO emission rights.


The Rotterdam Storage and Capture Demonstration project (ROAD) has been cancelled. This project was based on the "end of pipe" principle: CO is captured from a currently existing power station, transported to a location at sea and compressed for injection. Substantial investment with no additional income. The costs were estimated at more than 120/ton.


Integrated design

Circular Energy integrates the CO capture and storage in the design of the power plant. This has several advantages:

  • The capture process maximizes the use of the residual heat from the electricity generation process
  • Because we are located right above our gas field, into which we inject the CO₂ we do not need a transport pipeline to store it.

The effect of these factors is spectacular. We collect CO and store it for about 6/ton. This is clearly lower than comparable CCS projects and lower than the current market price for CO emission rights.