Super-sized battery for offshore wind


A clean offshore power plant that works like a super-sized battery. Circular Energy presented its innovative solution during Electrify Europe at the end of June in Vienna. The connection of offshore gas production to clean electricity production already solves the anticipated problems with offshore energy storage.

Batteries for large-scale energy storage to keep the energy supply in balance are facing the problem that their capacity is limited and that they cannot store and discharge for a long period. The growth in large offshore wind farms makes this both more crucial and more complex.


Quick turn up and down

The plant that Circular Energy is intended to build tackles these problems. In fact, the gas field works as a large storage facility. If the wind fails the power plant can be switched on within fifteen minutes to produce the required amount of electricity. And vice versa. Production will be scaled back within fifteen minutes.


Long-term high security of supply

If necessary, the plant can supply up to 1 TWh a year, and for 20 years. The wind speed prediction shows that our power generator can produce electricity at full capacity about 75% of the time.

Source: Vattenfall